bathroom makeover

Tips for a Successful Bathroom Makeover

How do you do a successful bathroom makeover? Giving your bathroom an upgrade is probably one of the most challenging yet rewarding projects one can take on. For example, simply fixing or upgrading an old bathtub can liven up the space and give it a modern new look that’s fresh and relaxing.

But giving your bathroom a makeover so that it turns from an outdated drab to a relaxing, luxurious retreat is not an easy task. One should be prepared and have a solid plan before diving in so that the upgrade becomes successful and not turn into a disaster.

If you feel you’re ready for a bathroom redo but require some guidance on doing it properly, the practical tips and suggestions we have laid down in this post will serve as a guide for you so that you can execute a successful bathroom makeover.

Here’s our Advice:

1. Plan! Plan! Plan! Sit down and think about what exactly you want to accomplish. Ask yourself this: Why a makeover? Do you want to update the look? Do you want to sell it so it has a higher resale value? Or do you want it to have better room and functionality? Figure out what you want and what you need. Once you develop a clear idea of how your bathroom should look and who it is for, the rest will be easier. A well thought out plan will give you progress and guarantee that you are always on the right track.

2. Find Inspiration. Do some research to find your design inspiration especially if you’re unsure of what style you want to go for. Keep researching for different designs until you find the look you want. There are a lot of websites that feature home design ideas that you can copy or incorporate on your bathroom renovation.

3. Budget. Once you found your inspiration, it’s time to make a budget. Bathroom renovations can be costly so make sure you spend only what you can afford. There are some things you can do to keep your project within your financial means. You can always get quotes from different contractors to compare before deciding which firm to go with. You can also take on some of the work yourself to minimise the labour costs.

4. Get in the Experts. Find a professional to do the plumbing, electrical work, tiling, etc. Most of us haven’t got the skills or the time required to do a bathroom renovation by ourselves. An experienced bathroom renovation specialist could make your life less complicated and they can be very creative when it comes to maximising the efficiency and functionality of a space. Hiring a professional to work on any part of your project may be a good thing but it’s entirely up to you. If you think you can pull it off by yourself then, by all means, do a DIY project but if you’re not as confident and lack the expertise then it’s good to consider hiring a professional as they are the specialists in this field.

Now that you’ve read this, are you ready to give your bathroom an upgrade? If you are, congratulations and we wish you all the luck.