A bathroom renovation is an exciting and fun home project to take on and an activity you may be considering now that been spending more time at home.

For your bathroom renovation to go smoothly, and stay within budget, it requires a clear plan and established design. A bathroom makeover may be just what your home needs, but it’s no easy undertaking.

Here are the tips for bathroom renovation so you can successfully bring your vision to life.


You need to make your bathroom feel bigger, think of light, airy, and clean lines. Start with light monochromatic colors, run the tiles from floor to ceiling, add mirrors to the wall, install a glass shower door, backlight the mirror, install a pocket door, and use high gloss paint to reflect light.

The bathroom sets the mood for the start of the day and the end of the day. So why not make it the perfect backdrop for the occasion of your bathroom renovation? Beautiful modern cabinetry is a perfect anchor piece for the mood of the bathroom. Whether you want walnut, painted, or high gloss cabinets you can accent the functionality with drawers galore and unique solutions to make this room functional and beautiful for any time of day.


During your bathroom renovation, choose the right surfaces for your bathroom. These surfaces should not only contribute to the overall aesthetic, but they must be able to handle plenty of moisture. We mostly recommend porcelain tile when it comes to walls and flooring. Because it resists staining, bacteria, and odours, choose larger tiles to minimise grout lines and make upkeep easier.

Whether you are looking for a complete bathroom renovation or just a simple refresh. Standard grouts and epoxy grout is virtually stain-proof because it’s a non-absorbent product. Means white grout can stay white forever.


Lighting is incredibly important in your bathroom. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also practicality.

Natural Lighting

Nothing makes a bathroom feel brighter and airier than ample natural lighting. If possible, try to incorporate plenty of windows and maybe a skylight into your design. If the design of your home isn’t conducive to a traditional skylight, you might still be able to use a tubular skylight.

Having a natural lighting scheme around the mirror allows you to see what you’ll look like when you step outside and gives true representations of color and skin tone.

If your bathroom design has one or more windows, you may want to put your mirror and vanity lighting in a position where you’ll be facing the window. This allows you to take advantage of sunlight during the day and vanity lighting after dark.

Artificial Lighting

Of course, no matter how good your natural lighting plan is, the sunsets every day, and you’ll need an equally good artificial lighting plan.

Thinking in terms of layers is a good start. Recessed LEDs on a dimmer switch can provide ambient light, but remember that overhead light can cast shadows on the face, which isn’t pleasant. For this reason, be sure to layer in soft lighting at head level at the vanity. Some modern vanities have built-in lighting that provides pure, broad-spectrum light that gives your skin a natural appearance. Avoid harsh light sources and bare bulbs.

Don’t forget to provide adequate lighting in the shower area or spotlighting if you like to read in the tub. We’ve even incorporated indirect lighting strips to the tile work in the shower to provide a splash of mood lighting to the niche.


Bathrooms are naturally prone to dampness, and this problem is even worse in humid Seattle. If your bathroom has a shower or tub, the building code requires adequate ventilation.

All bathrooms need excellent ventilation to keep occupants in good health and prevent mould from growing. Mold spells big problems for bathrooms and, if left untreated, can stain and do expensive damage, especially in hidden areas.

Ventilation usually comes in the form of; 

  • Windows and window vents
  • Exhaust fans

Windows can be a good source of ventilation, but they can also let in traffic pollution, pollen, and even possums! During winter, you’ll waste energy by relying on open windows to ventilate your bathroom. Plus, it’s cold to crack a window when you’re in the shower.

Externally vented exhaust fans on timers are a good solution to ventilation problems, and your contractor will help you decide where they should be installed in the bathroom for the most effective airflow. 


When you’re thinking about a bathroom, you might want to add in a few extras to make your space special.

There are a few optional bathroom additions that are becoming highly prized and even expected in modern bathrooms. Adding these during a remodel is a perfect time, as it will cause less disruption than doing it later.

Heated Floor

Imagine stepping out of the shower or bath and having a warm floor to rest your feet on. It’s a small touch that makes a huge difference to your enjoyment. Heated tile floors are not only luxurious on your feet, but they also make economic sense.

Having a heated floor installed will add upfront cost, but it enables you to remain comfortable while keeping your main thermostat a bit lower. Radiant heat feels warmer—like the rays of the sun—than hot air, and few things in this world beat the feeling of toasty toes!

Heated Towel Rail

Is there anything better than getting out of the shower and wrapping a pre-heated towel around yourself? I think not! Combine that with having a north-facing apartment such as are in demand in Breakfast Point so you walk out in a hot towel straight into the best of the Winter sun, and life at that moment could not be better!

Wall-Mounted Features

Wall-mounted toilets, cabinets, and washbasins look sleek, modern, and open up the floor space. This allows you to add extra storage or have a more open bathroom.

Again, this luxury extra is a small touch that can make a dramatic difference to how your bathroom looks and feels.


Think about accessibility now, before you need it while you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s smart to think about making it accessible. While the idea of having a disability or being less mobile might seem a distant concern, taking a few simple steps now can save you money later.

Accessibility doesn’t necessarily mean adding in grab rails today. Instead, you can add blocking behind the drywall to support grab rails in the future. A walk-in curbless shower is also a beautiful option that provides the added benefit of being accessible.

Are you ready to renovate your bathroom? An exciting opportunity to upgrade to the space you’ve always dreamed of, but doing it right requires you to think carefully about what you and your family need and want.

I hope these tips have helped you start considering your options. But don’t feel you have to go it alone.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas. We will be happy to help your plan the next steps.