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It is worth noting that a bathroom remodels become one of the leading projects in home improvements. In most cases, it is aimed at making the bathrooms more functional and creates more space for storage. The project also is intended to spruce up a bathroom to a more impressive look even in areas where larger bathroom renovations tend to be more common.

Usually, to make the bathroom workable, a new design ought to be incorporated. But a small bathroom tends to be a bit challenging when undertaking a redesign project.  See, you may wish to conduct the redesigning project on a tight budget even in buildings that have limited space with these options.

Counter space

The counter space of any bathroom is usually critical when working in it. You can, however, think of covering any unused space with domestic devices that have countertops. In addition to this, you can also try a design with deeper counters if the area is limited to a few feet.

You can as well make use of marble and granite materials for you’re the top surfaces to create an environment that is easy to prepare your dishes. Remember that you, in most cases, use your bathroom daily; thus it should be done to perfection with the materials of your choice.

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Bathroom Appliances

One way of adding a modern touch to a small bathroom is introducing new appliances. Nonetheless, one of the key factors to consider when buying new bathroom appliances is the energy factor. The appliances need to be energy efficient. Yet to consider, the efficiency of the appliances should be high enough to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Some small storage facilities such as refrigerators can help make your small spaced bathroom appear less cramped. By using these storage appliances that utilize little space are great since they add more room for your storage purposes.


Even if you have a small bathroom at your home, it does not connote that you should have a small sink. See, you may have huge pots and utensils that will need to be cleaned. This means you cannot make use of a small sink to wash them. Also, you will still need some space to keep them waiting to clean them once you are done with cooking or having your meal. So, there is a need for a sink that can hold all the sizes of utensils you have in your bathroom to avoid the stress of the lack of a place to keep them.


When you have a redesigned bathroom, it may not have the most suitable lighting option. So, you can try an element in design for using good lighting fixtures. For example; you can make use of under-counter lights plus some clear halogen lights which makes your small bathroom space appear bigger and enhance its functionality not forgetting its impressiveness.


Typically, it is good to have your bathroom spruced up to make it more comfortable to work in and improve its looks. However, you will have to consider aspects such as the counter space, bathroom appliances, the sinks, and lighting so that you can come up with the best design ever.