Normally, beds and wardrobes usually suit a rustic home. From its beautiful and earthy looks, timber is a decor piece or art in most homes. Whether you have a modern or traditional style, this wood never disappoints in longevity and creativity. Let’s see why most homeowners, renters, and commercial places use timber to create a safe and attractive space.

Major Categories

Remember that wood has two main categories; Man-made and Natural. The latter includes pine tree loved because of its strong scent. Also, it’s normally used at Christmas to give off that festive feel to most spaces, whether a small or large section.

Another natural timber is the Brazillian cherry offering a natural feel when used in a china cabinet, framed artwork, or china cabinet. For that rustic and stylish look, you can place furniture like beds and wardrobes to meet your style. Also, the light, moderate, and deep browns improve the neatness of your space.

The manmade category is often mixed with other elements to make it pop up, glossier, or long-lasting. Some come sprayed with shiny finishes to prevent dust, mold, and other damages, especially in changing climatic conditions.

Fresh and Simple Ways To Use Wood in Your Modern Space

Now that you have an idea of the major timber categories, we have simple ways of styling your area. Whether it’s in an apartment, condo, dorm room, or RV, the options are more than enough.

  1. Decorating with Vintage Timber

You can place your old table near your bookshelf. This makes the whole look more vibrant and seamless for that harmonious feel. Also, the wood gives you an interesting finish, unlike using other materials.

  1. Using Colorful Accents

Dress up your wooden stool, table, or desk with bright accents. You can pick a colorful style to make the area pop out, and more inviting. Besides, the subtle tone of the timber gives you multiple ways of decorating with different colors such as yellow, pink, green, and others.

  1. Embrace earthy and deep wood seats

Blend your seats with deep tones for a modern type of feel. The rich colors are easier to maintain, unlike the brighter tones. What’s more, wood material tends to darken after some time, giving it more life.

  1. Reliable Shop

Lastly, find a store that sells high-quality furniture pieces made of premium wood. The multiple furniture brand options in different parts such as Sydney need marketing. That mean that you need to adopt a proper strategy when promoting a furniture brand using SEO and digital marketing

tool to improve your sales and traffic.

This helps you get more traffic to your unique wooden pieces made from heavy-duty material. Also, your clients can pick the style, size, texture, and look that fits their space.


Timber has beautiful accents making decoration easy and appealing. You can pick a sturdy seat, stool, desk, or art framework to get that rustic feel in your modern space. Also, the quality finishes of wood improve the texture and overall lifespan. Remember to market your brand with trustworthy sources and SEO to gain more traffic.