“Enough is enough!” is what most people say when they finally get sick and tired of a situation. What follows after is action to transform. By the way, sweating profusely with absolutely no remedy for the heat can be frustrating? I bet the times you’ve opened your fridge to experience some cold air are countless.

Hence, enough is enough! It is time to invest in a ceiling fan or air conditioning.

What rooms can one install air conditioners and ceiling fans?

As for ceiling fans, every room can have one to prevent a scenario where every family member is crowding under one fan to experience some cold air.  Ceiling fans installed for best effect serve the intended purpose. As for the air conditioning, a few in a  strategic position can benefit the entire household.

Sometimes it gets hard to heat a small room like a bathroom.  However, you might result in a few hacks like heated towel racks and dedicated heat lamps. However, with some bathroom renovations, you could create room for modern and sustainable ways to ensure that your bathroom has the right temperatures.

Here are some pros and cons of both: the ceiling fan and the air conditioning


When it comes to cost, ceiling fans will be merciful on your bank account. The overall cost will depend on the number of rooms you intend to install the fan. Air conditioning is costly.

Let’s make an estimate of the price and see which one wins. You will need approximately $150 to $200 for a ceiling fan in one room. Air conditioning will cost you a whopping $750 to $800 in one place. You must also include the installation fee. It, therefore, costs more.

Comfort and sleep

Air conditioning offers the best comfort. It cools the entire room, unlike the fan, which cools a central point.


Ceiling fans are cost-effective when it comes to electricity. Air conditioning uses a lot of energy.


With the air conditioning, everyone can set the temperature to their desired level. With the ducted air conditioner, this is very easy and manageable. The modern ducted systems enable one to zone rooms. The ceiling fan, on the other hand, does not have the option to zone rooms.

Environmental impacts

The ceiling fans are the best when it comes to conserving the environment. As it is, the ceiling fan uses little energy as compared to the air conditioning. It only proves that air conditioning emits high levels of carbon. Research shows that air conditioning is bound to create 2 billion tons of carbon two Oxide soon.

To wrap it up

Choosing between a ceiling and air conditioning is purely a matter of taste and preference. However, having a ceiling fan seems like the best option because it is eco-friendly and affordable. On the other hand, the air conditioning is highly effective and spreads air over a large space. Wide research should come in handy.