You have finally made the decision to renovate your bathroom and, now, it is time to get down to the business of hiring tradesmen. Your considerations are to get the best possible job done at the best price. Like in the rest of the world there are good and bad tradesmen. There are unscrupulous tradies and there are a few honest ones. Here are a few tips how not to get ripped off by bathroom renovators. One thing to immediately watch out for is the ‘up-scaler’, that renovator who encourages you to do far more on your renovation than you intended to.

Your Research Protects You from Unscrupulous Tradies

The up-scaler preys upon the client’s ignorance of many aspects of renovating a bathroom. Do some research yourself on the costs of products and finishes. In that way you will be able to consider if the tradies suggestions are reasonable or out to gouge extra money from you. The more stuff you know, the better protected you will be in these negotiations. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to bathroom renovations. Related to this is ‘over-quoting’ on the job, as a lack of detailed industry knowledge makes clients vulnerable to this.

Get Several or More Quotes to Consider

Most bathroom renovators and tradies know that it is, generally, better to over-quote than under-quote. They can always come down on price in a friendly negotiation. You need to be prepared and it is advisable to consider several or more quotes before you make a final decision. Make sure that you have detailed quotes, which explicitly outline the contractors commitments in full. Never assume anything when it comes to these types of contract discussions and tenders. It is a good idea to create some kind of renovation plan yourself, which lists all the renovations down to each specific job and everything that entails. The new fittings, the paint and finishes, lights and every iota involved in the total renovation.

Be Prepared & Do Your Research

Similarly, there are kitchen renovators who genuinely offer a great price on what they do. Wherever and whatever you are looking to have renovated within your home or business, it pays to have a plan. How not to get ripped off by bathroom renovators is answered in the affirmative by being prepared and doing your research. The more brain cells that you invest in your home improvement project the less dollars you will need to over-invest in the renovation.