Kitchen Renovations

sydney kitchen renovation ideas

When it comes to kitchen renovations Sydney people are very diverse in their requirements, but contemporary minimalist is the style that’s most in demand.

For indeed we’ve recently expanded into kitchen renovations, mainly because people who get their bathroom renovated, who haven’t yet had their kitchen renovated, they see the perfect job we do on their bathrooms so then enquire as to what we can do with their kitchens.

More so than bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations are the source of a great deal of anxiety for many people. With good reason.

A kitchen is truly where love is made. Not in the bedroom sense, but in the love that people put into the food they feed their families. They want everything to flow and to make total sense.

kitchen renovations sydneyIncluding when having a glass or two of wine when cooking. They don’t want to be bumbling around. And if possible, the modern home cook wants to be able to see her or his family when cooking. Visual connection with family members is a massive priority for the 2019/2020 parent – very few people want the kitchen to be totally blocked off from the lounge.

How’s this for a Futuristic Kitchen? Coming Soon …

There are so many other invisible and unconscious requirements which only tend to come to light when we see people’s kitchens and start discussion about what they’d like. So give us a call and we look forward to renovating either your kitchen or bathroom.

“We were very happy with what Sydney Renovations did with our bathroom, so asked them if they’d consider renovating our kitchen. We love the results for both our kitchen and bathroom.” Elyse McIntyre, Parramatta.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Sydney Renovators on our kitchen, We highly recommend them.” – David Xie, Baulkham Hills.

“They adapted our old kitchen, which fitted well with our 19th century house because it was so old, and managed to make a contemporary kitchen fit with the feel of the rest of our house, which is still historical.” Oliver Wendt, Mosman.