At Sydney Bathroom Renovations, we care about bathrooms and know that you do to. For many of us, walking into an immaculate bathroom is akin to entering a temple of soothing peacefulness and tranquillity. The bathroom is where we rejuvenate and clean our flesh and blood machines, namely ourselves. The bathroom mirror is where we audit the current condition of our skin, hair and complexion. Our bathroom fittings allow us to bathe and shower to restore our bodies to a fresh and clean state. It is always better to bathe in an immaculately clean bathroom than in a dirty and run down one. Here, therefore, are ten tips to keep your bathroom looking great.

  1. Reduce the amount of moisture getting out onto your walls and floor by ensuring that you have adequate shower partitions and curtains. Keep the water where it is supposed to be and you will not have to worry about mould and moisture damage to your surfaces and bathroom cabinets.
  2. You can coat your surfaces with a water repellent to reduce the likelihood of any damage.
  3. Smart bathrooms have easy access to squeegees and scrapers to quickly remove excess water from where it shouldn’t be.
  4. Have plenty of towel bars and racks to allow for hanging up all items of clothing and towels. Keeping these off the floor will promote an uncluttered ambience in your bathroom.
  5. Avoid the bar of used soap clagging up your vanity sink. Use bottled handwash to skip the constant scummy cleaning necessary with bars of soap.
  6. Regularly audit the number of plastic bottles in your shower recess. These conditioners, shampoos, moisturises, body scrubs, body washes etc. Best practice involves putting these away in a drawer or cabinet post ablutions.
  7. Extend this weekly audit to the bathroom cabinets and drawers. Don’t let these storage areas become a chaotic, soapy, scummy black hole for every bathing product you own. Chucking unwanted stuff out is the key to clean bathroom management.
  8. Have ample cleaning products and wipes easily accessible within your bathroom. Clean it now and don’t put it off until tomorrow.
  9. Use quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products in your bathroom. Use the same standard in your personal body washing products.
  10. If all else fails and your bathroom is too far gone for these steps, then, renovate your bathroom. Get a bathroom strip out from these guys.

We hope that you enjoyed our Ten Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Looking Great!