In the past, wealthy people distinguished their lifestyle through luxurious furniture pieces. Again, former furniture pieces were durable and classic- not to mention the designs. For this reason, many people find it hard to do ways with old furniture, and restoration is a common trend in most homes. Do you have antique furniture lying in your garage or attic and wondering how to restore it to its former glory? Here are ideas to consider.

 Inspect& Know its worth

There are various furniture repairers out there. Before you give out your pieces for repair, have an expert antique dealer appraise your furniture. This way, you’ll know the worth of your valuables and the right action. For instance, if restoration will reduce the value of your furniture during the restoration procedures, you may have to consider other options. Besides, you’re likely to hold numerous family gatherings in the dining area and want quality furniture for your living space.

Clean the surfaces

Your old furniture is likely to have accumulated dirt and grime after years of storage. It’s then important to clean the surfaces that require restoration. Your furniture needs to be sanded down and varnished to prolong its lifespan and enhance its quality. In the case of couch pillows, consider complete replacement of fluff up if the fibers are dirt or damaged by food spills and fluids.

Think of the missing parts

Repairing or replacing missing parts is an integral part of restoring old furniture. Examine the furniture and know the type of wood used; this determines the kind of tools required. If you have solid hardwood pieces, these coupled with wooden lounge furniture completes the rustic feeling. And you don’t want to ruin the appearance by using inappropriate equipment. Know what needs repairing and the type of wood, and discuss this with the repairer before assigning them the task.

Set a budget

Decide how much you want to invest in the project. Think of what the furniture pieces mean to you and how much you can spend to have them repaired. Also, inspect the items and determine what requires fixing. In case of simple missing parts, you won’t have to budget for much. But, if your furniture needs a complete transformation, you may have to spend a fortune on the services.

Think safety

If you want to go the DIY way, have the necessary tools and think of your safety. Acquire proper protective gear and learn how to use all the cutting equipment beforehand. Besides, you don’t want to hurt yourself as you undertake the repairs. You may also need safety glasses to protect your eyes and a mask to shield any strong vapors during vanishing.

Seek services from professionals

There are various service providers, and you don’t want to compromise the worth of your furniture. Not all repairers possess the necessary skills to offer furniture restoration services.

It’s then advisable to seek help from reputed furniture repair stores with skilled workers. Ensure that they have adequate experience and tools to offer quality services.

A quick wrap up

Your choice of furniture repair services determines the final products. Before engaging anyone for the task, ascertain whether they have all the knowledge, skills, and tools for the projects. Also, know the worth of your furniture to help determine your budget.