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3 Little-known Benefits of a Facelift over a Full Renovation

A bathroom with an old look may not be as impressive as you would wish it to be. The doors, cabinets, plumbing systems and many other parts of the bathroom may be in dire need of modification. The tweaks, however, may not be achieved by the renovation. A bathroom facelift can bring about the change you need.

See, you do not necessarily need to embark on a full renovation project. A little facelift can create a new look that is done at an affordable cost. For instance, you can try getting your cabinets refaced by experts to get the worn out parts changed. But what are the benefits of bathroom facelifts instead of renovations? You get them right here.

modern bathroom vanities It costs less

Instead of making significant replacements of all the items you have in your bathroom, you can go for a reface project which is cheaper compared to conducting full renovation. Typically, a renovation budget will be higher such that a facelift project may cost just half of it.

Also, you may have most of your bathroom accessories in good structural condition. In such scenarios, you can decide to improve their appearance only through a painting project. This will cost less compared to entirely replacing them. However, the upgrade cost may also be influenced by your personal preferences.

Fewer inconveniences during the facelift

See, a full renovation may take a long time to get completed. Other than its cost being extremely high, it will cause a lot of inconveniences since the bathroom is utilized on a daily basis and several times a day. It will make your bathroom unusable during the whole process of renovating.

A facelift, on the other hand, will not need too much disruption in the bathroom . And it also does not require a lot of time to complete. This connotes that you can still make use of your bathroom while the facelift is ongoing. Nonetheless, it is important to consult from your contractor if you can make use of your bathroom during the project. This is, however, aimed at ensuring your safety as you use your bathroom.

It improves your bathroom value within a short time

It is right to note that both facelift and renovation enhances the value of your home in general. But in the event you would like to put your asset (home) on sale, you may not fetch the right amount since the value is not up to the market rate. But if you conduct a bathroom facelift, your home value skyrockets and chances of selling your home at as high cost are very high. You get a good profit because the project does not cost a lot and is completed within a short time.


Up to this far, you have seen how a bathroom facelift is such a great alternative. When you decide to undertake the project, you will spend less, and there would be little disruption such that you can still use the bathroom. Lastly, for those who would like to sell their home, this project will help boost the value in a short time, and you will get huge returns.