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We’re here to help drive your success, we've been doing bathroom renovations in Sydney and openly cooperate with this brilliant experts Suzanne, Janine or Stewart to discover how they can help you. For more information fill out the form below or call us on 1300 321 814 to speak with someone from our team.

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Starting Ideas


All creativity needs space. A desk for the writer. An atelier for the artist; a studio for the dancer. Without external distractions our mind wanders more freely. It makes connections between our inner and outer worlds that frenetic modern activity squeezes out. When it comes to thoughts and decisions, daydreams and goals, we are all our own individual creative. We laughingly refer to our bathroom as where the ritual of the three 'S's occurs - and it's not what you're thinking. It's solitude, serenity and serendipity. So make the most of it.

Your Ideas First


Whether your kitchen is humungous or tiny, regular or eccentrically-aligned, we have the vision and technique to realise your most perfect concept. Let's start with your feelings and ideas first. We listen, we take notes, we empathise. Then we draw up the plans based entirely on your sensibilities.

The Process


Eventually it's no longer time for words or ideas - it's time for action. This is where you get to sit back, and we get to work. We've helped you get confident enough to trust us, now we ensure your bathroom takes shape the way you want and expect it to. We create the bathroom renovations Sydney people like you and your family can feel comfortable in for the rest of your lives - or at least until a couple of decades have passed. Timeless and universal of course is best for the longest and happiest future.

We had an excellent experience with Bathroom Renovations Sydney. The process was reliable and the outcome was perfect. They listened to what we wanted, then assembled all the materials needed for our bathroom renovation, and their team arrived to do the work. The same installation team came every day, and the remodel was completed in just a single week. We love our new bathroom so much that we've recommended them to our friends and they're loving their outcomes too.

- Michelle Harvey

Sydney Renovation Bathrooms remodeled both of our bathrooms and our kitchen. They did a great job working with us. They provided two completely different looks that fit into the overall feel of the house. We worked with them on both our kitchen and bathroom with great outcomes. I would absolutely recommend Sydney Renovations Bathrooms to anyone.

- Vanessa Davis

More Designs

Your Wish Is Our Outcome


Don't ever settle for second best! You want that water strong, you want that water hot, and you want that water totally reliable. We only give you the best water flow ever.


Soak in it, relax in it. Meditate in the peaceful joy of a bath which suits your body type immaculately.


It's not just about brushing your teeth. It's what you're staring into for five minutes per day. We'll help you make that humble bathroom sink resonate beyond your wildest dreams.


What is your bathroom really? It's a sanctuary, it's where your body, mind and soul replenish themselves. You can change your energy and motivation in the right space which is a combination of functions.


There's little worse than a bathroom renovation which looks great, but with time you realise the fittings are cheap. Style masked the lack of eternal function. Let's work together to ensure you have the best and most durable supply.


Enjoy the way our work unfolds. It's a work of art in progress. We hope you enjoy how we roll out the process. It's entertainment - but the journey is little compared to the destination.

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