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When it comes to bathroom renovations Mosman clients have quality & luxury in mind. Spacious homes are often old-style & matching recent kitchen renovations is often a priority. After all no self-respecting multi-millionaire wants a schizophrenic home which changes dramatically as you move from room to room …

During Covid, Bathroom Renovations Are a Great Thing To Get Done

It’s true that most Mosman residents are not that much focussed on bathroom renovations – as the ultra-wealthy of Sydney are busy buying up properties instead. One of our previous clients just bought seven Sydney properties in a fortnight! So we’re not expecting a lot of demand from Mosman folks during this gold rush for investment properties. Keep those first home buyers out of the market – we don’t want them in, we just prefer to out-bid them and keep them renting!

Sydney Northern Harbour Suburbs Bathroom Renovations

North of “The Coathanger” suits those who can afford the best in harbourside living, and that means the unsurpassed quality of Mosman bathroom renovations. Relax in a bubble bath, taste the Taittinger and watch our vibrant, living harbour. Nobody knows you’re naked … except, maybe, the person filling the next flute.

From Chinamans Beach to Lavender Bay, Sydney’s North Shore is Old Money, and highly sought after by career executives, dynasty families and super, superannuated retirees.

Less frenetic than the East, and liberal with a great big capital ‘L’ the northern suburbs claim  stunning water views to the city, and direct harbour access – like the foreshore walk from Neutral Bay to Mosman.  Northern harbour suburbs include McMahons Point, Waverton, Milsons Point, Spit Junction, and Cremorne Point. Each has enviable parks, and beaches abound – Chinamans, Edwards, Clifton Gardens, and Whiting – or have your sensational Mosman bathroom renovations inspired by a naked swim at Obelisk. The Spit, Mosman, Cremorne, Careening Cove, and Kirribilli all have marinas and boating clubs. Ferries, buses, water taxis and Uber provide fast and reliable access to the city, and if you think you’ve missed a few too many Question Times, take a stroll or the bus to Taronga Zoo.

The North Shore has plenty of restaurants, shopping strips and centres. Balmoral Beach has always been considered the best harbour beach because of the exquisite fine dining of The Public Dining Room, The Boathouse, and The Bathers’ Pavilion Restaurant, and in each of these cases, their bathrooms are close to magnificent.

The Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Distributor make it a 30-minute drive to Sydney Airport out of peak hour. The area is well serviced by medical facilities, particularly the Royal North Shore Hospital.

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As always, property averages vary by suburb on the north shore. Cremorne Point has few houses, with the median price for an apartment now demanding a tidy $1.3 million. To be sitting pretty in a Mosman house – $3.725 million: worlds away from 2006 when an apartment would set you back $500,000 and in Neutral Bay, houses averaged $950,000. Back when webcam was new and Crocs were newly ugly, $650,000 was all you needed for a Kirribilli apartment. Cremorne and Neutral Bay had studios for less than $250,000 –  staggering when you think that in 2017 a car space in Mantra, 2 Bond St, Sydney hit the market at $400,000. Mosman offers it all in terms of property choice: apartments in need of restyling and complete bathroom renovation; the timeless beauty of Art Deco – and multimillion-dollar Federation and Victorian homes, townhouses, and semis. The North Shore represents better value for money for water views than the eastern foreshore, and when those water views are within the bathroom, all the more reason to have a luxurious chime when one’s Stefano Giovannoni toilet flushes.

The pros in Sydney? There’s enormous choice in the number and type of Mosman bathroom renovation options  available. The already high prices consistently increase, as does the addictive convenience of city living. Cons? A high entry price and often fairly small living – don’t expect a big bathtub unless you’re doubly wealthy – and ridiculous levels of privacy management killing the prospect of a conversation with your neighbours. To be a true Mosmanite is to be a bubble within the bubble; bursting with ambition, financial determination and a sense of community replaced with entitlement. Solitary bathroom-time often reflects one’s isolation. Find a balance …

Maybe ToTo’s Miyabi Collection Is For You?

Focusing on the aesthetics of Japanese culture, ToTo created the Miyabi Collection in order to bring art and beauty into your bathroom. Designs meant to represent each season are painted on a white canvas: bamboo and plum for summer, the maple leaf for fall, the pine tree for winter and the plum tree for spring. ToTo also offers bathroom sinks that will match their beautiful Japanese-inspired toilets.

Minutes by ferry, moments by car, Sydney’s great when you’re convinced you’re the best of the best getting the best, just north of the city. Thanks for your time and we know you’ll discover our team of professional bathroom renovators have certainly earned the right to deliver your $15,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 bathroom renovations Mosman residents can show off to their neighbours, if only they ever visited.

Bathroom Renovations Sydney take no prisoners when it comes to sourcing the best possible bathroom designs, vanities, showers and toilets for your ultimate bathroom renovation. We make your bathroom dreams come true.