Good health and proper hygiene begin with having the right protocols in place. Washing your hands regularly with soap and warm water, especially after going to the bathroom and prior to eating, is an essential first step. This behaviour is supported by keeping your bathroom clean and not a breeding ground for germs. The healthy bathroom: eliminating coronavirus & other viruses & bacteria is something that we can all achieve without too much trouble. Stop taking shortcuts with your hygiene habits and your health will reap the rewards. Do not discount the value of these basic behaviours and protocols, as they may just save your life in regard to the range of infectious diseases including coronavirus.

Coronavirus Spread Via Respiratory Droplets

The coronavirus is spread between humans via respiratory droplets, as are many common colds and flu viruses. This means that keeping your hands clean and free from outside germs is vital to avoiding infections spread in this manner. In China, at the source of the coronavirus, in its 2020 incarnation, many people are wearing face masks over their noses and mouths. This defence protocol is all about preventing those virus-infected-droplets entering the body/system of a new host. Face masks are a good idea when you are out and about in public places, where you could be coming into contact with an infected host. Hand sanitiser is another helpful agent to carry with you at all times. Take the time to apply and reapply hand sanitiser to your hands when coming into contact with surfaces, which may carry the virus.

Keep Your Bathroom Surfaces Clean to Avoid Infection

Keeping the surfaces, in your home and at your workplace, clean and germ free is another basic step that you can take to reduce your risk of infection. Remember to think clean. Remind yourself to regularly wash your hands and apply a sanitiser to stay germ free. Check the cleanliness of the surfaces around you, in spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and other shared facilities. The healthy bathroom could just help you avoid infection and illness. Take the time to do the basics, in terms of hygiene protocols, and you may well stay healthy.

The death toll is rapidly rising from the coronavirus and the number of cases is equally surging higher. At this stage, it remains localised in China, in the Wuhan region, with only a handful of cases in Australia and less than a few hundred worldwide. This may, of course, change, but authorities are doing all in their power to prevent this. We can assist in this important endeavour by closely following hygiene protocols in our day to day lives. Keep your bathroom clean and free from germs.